Vertex Software launches platform for manufacturers

Photo by Vertex Software.

Vertex Software has officially launched its cloud-based software platform that allows manufacturers to collaborate with 3D product data.

The recently launched platform uses advances in cloud computing to offer solutions that improve the speed and quality of collaboration for manufacturing teams so theycan get their products to market faster.

“Manufacturers have a lot of really big, big data that they have to move. And historically, that data had been utilized on desktop-installed software,” said Dan Murray, founder and CEO of Vertex Software. “And it’s really difficult for people to collaborate when so much collaboration in manufacturing is visual. So we created a 3D viewer that enables you to instantly open, load and interact with any sized model without having to wait for rendering.”

The platform’s 3D viewer allows users to instantly open and interact with any size model without having to wait for rendering or latency. Within the platform, users can zoom, pan and rotate complex designs. The platform also offers full markup capabilities, allowing users to draw and comment directly on models.

Murrays says that exiting stealth mode has made it easier for the company to connect and talk with potential customers.

“Having been in stealth, our first contact with them has largely been, ‘we’re generally solving this problem, would you like to speak with us,'” Murray said. “Now we can tell them specifically what we’re doing. And as a result, just in the last couple weeks, we’ve seen a huge influx in prospective customers.”

Vertex has quickly grown since forming in September 2017and is now up 87 employees, Murray told Clay & Milk. The company plans to bring 300 jobs to Ames and have between 130 and 150 employees by the end of 2019.

“Just in the last four weeks, we’ve hired 27 new people,” Murray said. “We’re growing and scaling really rapidly and seeing adoption from the market that’s better than I ever hoped for.”

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