CYstarters announces 15 student entrepreneurs for 2019 cohort

CYstarters has announced the 15 student entrepreneurs that will participate in the fourth cohort of the program this summer.

The 11–week program, coordinated by the Iowa State Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship, gives student entrepreneurs the funding, network of mentors, and skill-set development to help them pursue their business ideas while in college.

To start the program, CYstarters will be holding a 2019 Community Kick-Off at ISU Research Park on May 23.

Here are the 15 businesses selected for this year’s program:

AI for Microscopy — Denis Tamiev

AI for Microscopy creates artificial intelligence solutions within microscopy to improve cellular counting and classification in healthcare.

Camp Aramoni — Stephanie Bias

Camp Aramoni provides luxury camping experiences and offers a unique event venue located near central Illinois’s Starved Rock State Park.

CattleTech— Alex Irlbeck

CattleTech helps livestock farmers analyze animal health using RFID technology and visual imagery to capture key insights and allow for more informed management decisions around herd health quality and profitability.

Chess Utopia — Anthony Swindell

Chess Utopia provides after school chess lessons for elementary and middle school students to enhance learning and teach the game of chess.

Comic Sandwiches — Grayson Burgess

Comic Sandwiches manufactures and designs high-end prop replicas for comic enthusiasts and toy collectors.

Courselink — Philippe Meister

Courselink aims to help teachers, advisors, and students in higher education by creating a node-network visualization to tell a better story of a student’s development & work experiences.

Flourish — Lauren Gifford

Flourish combines the fun of learning calligraphy with the social atmosphere of an elegant party through a blend of teaching classes, hosting community-driven events, and creating weekly videos for over 75,000 YouTube subscribers.

Iowa Virtual Reality Labs — Brandon Jorgensen

Iowa Virtual Reality Labs is a veteran-owned virtual reality lounge which provides rentable play spaces for the ultimate virtual reality experience.

Jensen Applied Sciences — Dillon Jensen

Jensen Applied Sciences provides cloud technology solutions for the craft brewing industry.

One Hop Shop — Geert Boelen & Annie Zeimis

One Hop Shop produces dry-roasted and seasoned cricket snacks for human consumption as a healthy source for energy and protein. Geert is a recent graduate who studied agricultural business.

Pink Panda — Grant Keast

Pink Panda Aerial Media helps real estate brokers and development professionals market residential and commercial properties more effectively using high-quality aerial videos.

Pock It — Lila Dougherty

Pock It creates an all-in-one attachable pocket for travelers, backpackers, and students commuting on campus.

Powdu — Kyrstin Myhers

Powdu provides an all natural powder shampoo capsule for environmentally conscious consumers looking for an easy-to-carry shampoo product.

The Modern Milkman — Lauren Jones

The Modern Milkman is a grocery-style food truck which offers the essentials for rural communities fighting depopulation and limited food accessibility.

WashWright — Justin Wright

WashWright creates and produces robotic power washing machines for livestock farmers without the need to hire costly crews.

The descriptions of the CYstarters companies listed above have been provided by ISU.

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