Koloni accepted into Launch Accelerator

Pocahontas-based Koloni has been accepted into Launch Accelerator, a San Francisco-based accelerator that invests in early age startups.

Koloni was started in 2016 by Bryan Dewey and Kate Lyon, with the goal of bringing sharable products to communities that otherwise would not have access to them.

Through the Koloni app, a city can come in and lease Koloni’s products on a monthly basis. Currently, the app offers two products, bike-shares and smart lockers. To date, Koloni’s bike share programs have been launched in 14 communities across the country.

Over the next 12 weeks, Koloni will be spending time in Silicon Valley pitching and meeting with venture capital firms.

“This investment and admission into the Launch Accelerator is part of a lot of momentum we have seen over the past five months,” said Brian Dewey, CEO of Koloni in an announcement. “When a startup has real traction, you as a founder can feel it and others begin to take notice.”

Every Thursday throughout the summer, Koloni will pitch their company in front of a panel of seven new investors.

The Launch Accelerator received over 700 applications for this cohort and accepted just seven companies.

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