AgriSync expands into new sectors as it continues to grow

For the last three years, AgriSync, a Waukee based agtech company, has been helping farmers receive expertise they need in real time.

The company started when Casey Niemann, who then worked at Microsoft, began to notice that farmers had access to a lot of new technologies but lacked the tools and expertise to implement them.

“I started thinking about building a service that would help farmers get assistance from their expert advisors. That was really the brainchild of how we got started with AgriSync,” said Niemann. “The notion was how can we make it easy for farmers that we all depend on every day to eat to get help with all this technology.”

Today, AgriSync has over 250 companies paying to use their service from all around the world. The company now has 20 employees, up from six when Clay & Milk first covered AgriSync in July 2017.

“Essentially we’ve found this niche for customer service in the agtech space,” Niemann said.

Expanding into new industries

AgriSync recently announced plans to begin expanding their services into two new sectors — animal agriculture and construction.

“That decision was really driven by our customers. A lot of our existing ag equipment dealers, they also have a construction division. They came to us saying ‘we’ve got guys who are fight the same problems on a construction site that you’re solving on a farm, said Niemann. “So one of our goals this year is to release a construction version of our service.”

The company has made two strategic personnel moves over the last month that will help the company with these new developments. Brought on as a corporate advisor, Jeff Bowman will provide guidance as AgriSync expands platform to service the construction sector and new hire Kelly McComb will help AgriSync advance its presence in animal agriculture.

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