Corteva partners with Accenture to provide scholarships in rural Iowa

Corteva Agriscience announced yesterday plans to fund 25 scholarships for students in Des Moines Area Community College’s (DMACC) Computer Languages program.

Starting in fall 2019, the Rural Forge Scholarships will provide selected students with $7,500 each.

The announced scholarships are part of Accenture’s pilot program designed to train students and educators in rural Jefferson in tech skills in attempt to keep talent in rural areas. Upon graduating from DMACC, select graduates will then take part in a four-month commercial software development training program through Accenture.

“We are proud to provide 25 rural scholarships to Des Moines Area Community College and fund training for local teachers in the types of critical thinking skills and software development programs that will be necessary for today’s youth to drive the future of sustainable agriculture,” said Jim Alcombright, IT Digital and Platforms Lead at Corteva. “We’re looking forward to teaming with Accenture and expect the students who participate in the company’s technology training program to one day contribute new valuable digital tools that better the agriculture industry.”

The pilot program was initiated by Pillar Technology, which was acquired by Accenture in August 2018.

Students can apply for the Rural Forge Scholarship beginning July 1.

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