PastPresent: a new way to tell your stories

A new app on the market is allowing people to tell their own personal stories in deep and meaningful ways.

Using the app, PastPresent, users choose a topic and answer questions through text or video and then decide who they want to share their stories with.

“We lost my mother in 2011 and lost our mother-in-law the year prior ands my kids have some photos of them and a few stories but that’s about it,” said Mark Nolte, President of ICAD, and creator of the PastPresent app. “And everyone’s got these phones that are recording devices and there’s no good way to use them to help people tell their stories. That was the basic idea.”

Nolte originally pitched the idea for PastPresent at a startup weekend he co-organized in 2012 before handing off the idea to to team to run with.

“And then about a year ago, since no one had done anything with it and I hadn’t seen anything on the market, we decided to engage with launch deck and build it,” said Nolte.

Since launching last week, over seventy people have downloaded the app. The app is currently available on all IOS devices and will soon be available on android as well.

“Current social media is all about what are you doing right now. This just asks a little bit deeper questions and then you can ask custom questions as well,” said Nolte.