KinoSol’s solar dehydrators now available in the U.S.

KinoSol — a five-year old Ames-based company producing solar-powered food dehydrators — has created a new version of their dehydrator that can now be used in the United States. 

“Initially, when we were starting our international unit we were hearing a lot from our customers who were sponsoring units that it would be awesome to have this same product right here in the states,” said Rebecca Lyons, Operations Manager of KinoSol. “After hearing a lot of that feedback, we decided to engineer this new product and are super happy that it is now on the market

The new dehydrator has more holes in the base, increasing the overall airflow and allowing it to dehydrate foods at cooler temperatures.

Engineered for families, gardeners and sportsmen, the new domestic dehydrator is designed to meet the needs of environmentally-friendly, health-conscious consumers.

With dishwasher-friendly trays, a collapsible construction, and over three square feet of drying space, the solar dehydrator can be used to dry vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers.

Using only solar power and no electricity, the KinoSol dehydrator reduces users’ carbon footprint and improves family nutrition by preserving the nutrients already found in produce. 

“We’re excited to now have a product that tackles food waste internationally and in our own backyard here in the U.S. We’ve been working on our domestic dehydrator for the past few years and are looking forward to helping curb consumer food waste,” said Mikayla Sullivan, co-founder and CEO of KinoSol. 

KinoSol launched in September of 2014 and began delivering its first
product, the Orenda, worldwide in January 2017. To date, KinoSol has distributed over 550 Orendas to 42 countries.

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