Ames Seed Capital invests $100,000 in VetMeasure

Ames-based VetMeasure has received a $100,000 investment from Ames Seed Capital.

VetMeasure has created an animal heart monitoring device that allows pet owners and veterinarians to monitor a pet’s health remotely and in real-time.

VetMeasure’s MeasureON! Harness measures key health metrics and sends the data to a mobile and web application for veterinarians to view. When the dog’s metrics reaches critical levels automated alerts are sent to veterinarians and clinics.

“VetMeasure is honored that Ames Seed Capital joined as an investment partner representing the Ames community. This timely investment helps support VetMeasure’s preparation for the commercialization phase,” said Kevin Maher, CEO of VetMeasure in a news release.

VetMeasure is currently working to obtain $1 million in seed capital and has raised about half of their goal.

“As our team continues to identify and meet with additional investor prospects to fulfill our Series A investment round, we appreciate interest expressed by accredited investors in our exciting new business, to advance VetMeasure forward with our first product to be launched into the veterinary profession,” said Maher.

VetMeasure plans to spread their technology to dairy and beef. Their technology will alert animal caretakers to issues before they would usually be detected.

“By investing in VetMeasure, Ames Seed Capital continues to build on our 30-year tradition of supporting local entrepreneurs with sound business opportunities who intend to create jobs in the Ames and Story County market,” said John Hall, Director of Business Development at Ames Economic Development Commission. “We are proud to support Kevin, a serial entrepreneur in the Ames area, and VetMeasure, a company with a promising future.”

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