A new Ames company is building life-size statues out of legos

Take your childhood lego creations, magnify them into life-size human figures, and you’ll have found the new Ames-based company, WeBuildU.

Founded by Chris Ihle, WeBuildU takes playing with legos to a new level by designing and creating life-size statues of human beings made entirely from lego bricks.

For the past four months, Ihle has sculpted life from thousands of plastic bricks to form lego human replicas, two of which can soon be found in Beverly Hills.

Since forming, WeBuildU has completed its first major build; a two-person statue of Matt and Josh Altman (stars of the Bravo network show “Million Dollar Listing LA”). The two statues will be unveiled during an episode of Million Dollar Listing on Aug. 31.

“All we’ve done the last three months is focus on making these statues the best that we could. The quality is higher than what anybody else has done,” said Ihle. “We’re so excited to see where being on national television is going to take our company.”

Two other clients include opera singer Simon Estes, whose state will be displayed at the newly constructed Simon Estes School of Fine Arts at DMACC, and Professor Harold Hill for Mason City’s 2020 Music Man revival.

“I feel like we’re in a spot where everything is in front of us,” said Ihle. “We’ve established that we can build these and at a high quality.”

Ihle says in the coming months he wants to scale up the company and start selling a lot more statues.

“We feel like we’re sitting on a gold mine of a product and we just need to figure out how we can get that to them,” said Ihle. “Right now, we’re aggressively reaching out to and trying to identify the right people to sell this to.”