Gravitate holding “Intro to the Des Moines Startup Scene”

Gravitate Coworking will be hosting Intro to the Des Moines Startup Scene this Wednesday with Geoff Wood, founder and owner of Gravitate Coworking.

Wednesday evening, Wood will give a presentation sharing information about local accelerators, investors, incubators, advisors and other local resources for those interested in learning more about Des Moines’ startup ecosystem.

“The goal is to inform people about the startup community in Des Moines and throughout Iowa,” said Wood. “When I moved back to Des Moines in 2009, I was hoping to find an event like this that would help me figure out where I could best plug in. I didn’t find it then, and after seeing ‘Intro’ talks like this in other cities like Austin and Madison, I decided to create it.”

Wood is a local community builder and has been helping grow the Des Moines entrepreneurial ecosystem for the last decade.

“The information I share is pretty much my accumulated knowledge of 10+ years of being a part of our startup community,” said Wood. “My hope is that everyone who attends will be able to take away something to help them on their journey. I used to relay a lot of this info 1-on-1 over coffee with folks who would get referred to me—doing this as a sort of class makes it easier and quicker to get the info out to more people.”

Following the presentation will be a Q&A with Wood and John Jackovin, where attendees will have the chance to ask the two any questions they have. Jackovin is a serial entrepreneur and is the Sr. Product Manager at Dwolla.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to tour Gravitate’s new downtown location. While this is the fourth time Wood has given this presentation, it will be the first time for the event to be held in the new downtown location.

The event will take place from 5 -7 pm on Wednesday night. Tickets to the event are available now.

Geoff Wood is also the co-founder and Publisher of Clay & Milk.