BluJaket updates app as it plans for big growth in 2020

For the last two years, BluJaket, a Davenport based company, has been helping local businesses send targeted deals and coupons to users that have the BluJaket app.

BluJaket is a subscription-based platform for businesses to create and distribute digital coupons within a targeted, geotagged locations. Starting at $50 a month, businesses have unlimited control over what specials they offer, and how often the special is offered. Today, BluJaket has nearly 11,000 users in the Quad Cities and small pockets of users and businesses in Iowa City and Des Moines as well.

“One of our biggest issues this year was we grew too fast and too soon without having the business processes, tools and peoples in place,” said Michael Lawrence, co-founder and CEO of BluJaket. “So we sort of took a step back this year because we sort of ran before we could walk a little bit.”

In 2019, BluJaket has largely focused on internally on setting themselves up for rapid growth going forward. This includes a big end-of-year update to their app that will allow the company to scale.

The update will include several new features including a loyalty program for businesses and what the company is calling “BluJaket Local,” an online business directory that will connect with the app and feature and promote businesses, giving them an online presence to help them with SEO and exposure.

“Now that we’re ready to scale we’re going to release this new update and hit hard in 2020,” said Lawrence.

BluJaket plans to get Des Moines and Iowa City to the same maturity level as the Quad Cities before expanding to other cities and states, Lawrence told Clay & Milk.

“Our end goal is to be in all 50 states in the next five to ten years which is doable now thanks to the scalability of the software itself,” said Lawrence. “Any restaurant in the country can sing up for BluJaket today and make their money back within 30 days. It’s a very powerful and useful tool for restaurants and retailers to increase sales.”

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