Showpal’s free plan now available nationally

ShowPal, an online platform that allows homeowners to conduct the sales process without a real estate agent, has launched its free plan nationwide.

Founded in Iowa in May 2018, ShowPal plans national expansion over the next year.

“Everything we’ve built has always been intended at the national scale,” said Chad Tortenson, founder of Showpal. “But we wanted to make sure our product was solid before we did that. So we moved it nationally a few weeks ago.”

Since Clay & Milk last covered Showpal it has simplified its product, updated several of its software features and now offers three different for-sale-by-owner plans—a free plan, an essential plan for $499, and a full-service brokerage plan for $2,999.

Tortenson told Clay & Milk he plans to expand Showpal’s two other plans to nation-wide as well.

“The essential plan, which is the $499 plan, will be national by the end of February,” said Tortenson. “The brokerage plan, we’ll probably have to take state-by-state, as we find brokerage partners or form brokerships ourselves.”

Tortenson says his goal is for Showpal to hold two percent of the national listing five years from now.

“About 20% of people put their home up for sale without hiring a listing agent. So there’s a 20% market for a company like Showpal if you can develop a sophisticated product. That’s a market we’re going to go after and try to aggregate and coalesce nationally.”

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