Ag Startup Engine makes initial investment in Sentinel

Ag Startup Engine announced this week it has invested in Sentinel, an Iowa-based startup that combines artificial intelligence and computer vision to accurately track animal inventory and animal well-being.

“Sentinel technology allows swine producers to monitor critical barn level information in real-time using AI and Computer Vision technology. With this accurate, reliable, and timely data, swine producers can break the reliance on humans for data collection and recording,” said B.J. Brugman, CEO and Co-Founder of Sentinel. “We are proud to partner with the Ag Startup Engine as begin to deploy our product to the U.S. Swine Industry and continue to advance and refine our technology.”

Inaccurate daily animal inventory counts create a host of problems for swine producers. The impact of inaccurate inventory is felt from the individual caregiver to the scheduler at the harvest facility. Sentinel combines AI and computer vision to accurately track animal inventory in real-time and connects key barn level information to the production team in order to make timely and informed decisions.

“We want to invest in founders and projects that understand the issue and real problems facing the animal health industry,” said Joel Harris, co-director of Ag Startup Engine. “BJ’s experience, connections in the swine industry, and the team he has put together gives Sentinel the best chances of succeeding.”

To date, Ag Startup Engine has invested in 11 different companies. Over the next year, the Ag Startup Engine plans to add up to four more agriculture technology startups like Sentinel to the portfolio ranging from animal health to precision agriculture.