Iowa City startup is helping women connect business tasks with their monthly cycle

After Alyx Coble-Frakes started her own health coaching company in 2018, she quickly came upon an interesting discovery. She found that she was having more sales conversions during the ovulation phase of her cycle.

“I really wanted to buy a product that would let me plan my by business around my cycle,” said Coble-Frakes. “Something that would help me know when to focus on what, based on where I was at in the cycle. And when I didn’t find that product on the market, I decided to start making it.

That product eventually became “The Agenda. Period,” a planner designed to help women connect their business tasks with their monthly cycle.

“The Agenda. Period” started out with a beta test of around 50 women testing out the product last year followed by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

“When the beta test was going really well, we decided to go ahead with a Kickstarter and raised $12,000 over 50 very intense days,” said Coble-Frakes. “It actually provided, beyond the monetary benefit, the opportunity to get a community built around us.”

Coble-Frakes said different tasks are easier to accomplish during the different phases of the menstrual cycle, and the planner can help women map out what tasks to do and when during the month.

Going forward, Coble-Frakes plans to develop an online version of “The Agenda. Period” as well.

“The Agenda. Period” was recently announced as one of four startups to be accepted in the first cohort of the Iowa EdTech Accelerator. Acceptance into the accelerator comes with $25,000 in seed capital, along with mentoring, coaching, prototyping support and early corporate customer feedback.

Coble-Frakes will also be speaking at multiple conferences this spring including YEC 2020 on April 4 in Ames and EntreFEST on June 4 in Cedar Rapids

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