Form Dash is making fundraising easier for nonprofits

Alyssa Nolte has been the head coach of the Cedar Falls Dance Team for nearly ten years and says the most frustrating part of the job is fundraising.

“It costs about $20,000 a year to run a dance team. So we are doing a lot of fundraising throughout the year,” said Nolte. “I have 20 teenage girls on the team and I give them these fundraising forms. Th day the forms were we were supposed to meet and half the people forgot their forms, I couldn’t read the handwriting ad was just really frustrated by that.”

So a few years back Nolte decided to create her own solution, Form Dash. Form Dash is an online platform created to make fundraising easier for nonprofit groups by taking paper out of the fundraising equation.

“After using Form Dash for about six months as my own solution other coaches who I know in the dance world started to notice I was using this online application and asked if they could also useĀ it,” said Nolte. “So I started letting other coaches use it and it has really just grown organically from there.”

Form Dash is designed to feel very familiar to a traditional e-commerce type experience. The platform takes any kind of form nonprofit groups are using, converts form to digital format and turns it into a landing page.

“All they have to do is send their customers to their custom landing page and they can fill out the form, pay with a credit card and really streamline that process,” said Nolte. “And then all of the data feeds live into a backend spreadsheet that allows organizers to check in on their fundraiser.”

Earlier this year, Form Dash received a $40,000 seed investment from the Red Cedar Seed Fund in Cedar Falls.

“All of the money raised is going towards scaling the platform,” said Nolte. “It’s all about getting more customers, more people using the platform and really grow our customer bases. Form Dash operationally already pays for itself. So we’re not putting the money towards the operations side of the business. It’s really all about developing a customer base.”