Polished: A configurable markdown editor for writers

When software engineer Ryan Wilson dove into the world of writing he quickly discovered that there were no apps on the market that offered good editing tools and were also community-based.

“I started looking at a bunch of different apps out there built around some aspect of writing. All of them kind of did one thing really well but then were lacking in a bunch of other areas,” said Wilson.”I joined a write-every-day community where you write 300 words a day and get streaks. That social aspect was incredible for being motivated to write. But the tooling built around it was pretty bad. You couldn’t go back and edit and couldn’t do any sort of formatting. It was just a really limited experience.” –

Last year, Wilson created Polished, an online canvas similar to a design tool, built specifically for writing.

Through Polished Documents and rich media will be able to be moved around in any direction. The canvas can be navigated using zoom and pan using pinch and drag gestures.

“I just started to have this idea that this would be a really great medium for writing because design tools aren’t really built for writing, they’re not very good for it,” said Wilson. “If you could just make Word or Google Docs on a design canvas where you can just have a bunch of documents and lay them out and create a virtual workspace.”

Wilson says he plans to make the app very configurable. “A user will be able to control every tiny aspect of the editor itself. You’ll be able to configure every key that you hit and how things look on the editor.”

Going forward, Wilson plans to slowly implement community into the app as well.

“I want to work in these other ideas of having different communities built into the app along with having a really great editor that allows formatting and helps you with grammar,” said Wilson. “That way you can focus on just writing content.”