Rantizo partners with Sony on agtech collaboration

Iowa City-based startup Rantizo has been named one of four agtech companies partnering with Sony Electronics to integrate its Smart Agriculture Solution into its farming solutions. 

Sony’s Smart Agriculture Solution revolves around a combination of sophisticated dual camera technology and analytics software, designed to support day-to-day crop management by collecting and analyzing growth data. Version 2.0 combines high-resolution drone imagery with artificial intelligence for a more accurate and efficient approach to plant counting and analysis. 

Rantizo uses drones to deliver agricultural inputs, including liquid and dry solutions, in fields precisely where and when they are needed. 

According to Sony, the company’s Smart Agriculture Solution provides imagery on areas in need of spraying, and the Rantizo system sprays only those designated areas. 

“We are excited to work with a world-class organization like Sony and are impressed with the speed of their system,” said Rantizo CEO Michael Ott said in an announcemt. “Faster processing leads to nimble systems that can adapt to the ever-changing agricultural environment. With our combined expertise, Rantizo and Sony can determine field issues and deploy the necessary ag inputs to treat problems and maximize yield.” 

The other three agtech startups partnering with Sony are Drones Made Easy, BirdsEyeView Aerobotics and Progeny Drone Inc.

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