Dwolla hires Brady Harris as new CEO

Dwolla announced today the appointment of Brady Harris as the company’s new CEO.

“As a pioneer of programmable payments, Dwolla has long been on the bleeding edge of the ever-changing payments landscape,” said Harris in a blog post announcing his hire. “With an incredible team, best-in-class platform and groundbreaking vision, Dwolla is positioned to grow dramatically in the coming years. This is an industry disruptive technology.” 

Prior to coming to Dwolla, Harris was President of Payscape in Atlanta, Georgia, a financial technology provider making it easier for business owners to collect money. Harris also spent sixteen years at Eliot Management Group where he served as President for three years.

The announcement comes just one month after the company announced plans to hire a new CEO in February.

“It’s an exciting time to say the least for Dwolla. As a pioneer of programmable payments and a team which has constantly been on the cutting edge, it’s time for us to evolve our platform and our leadership,” said Dwolla founder Ben Milne. “Evolution and progress are a required part of growth even in challenging times.”

Going forward, Milne will continue to support the company in multiple capacities, including as a member of the board. Since founding in 2008, Dwolla has grown to have a $10M+ revenue run rate support and more than $10B a year in gross payment volume.

“Dwolla is built on a powder keg of opportunity that is still largely untapped,” said Milne. “With his extensive background and innumerable successes in the payments industry, Brady is the right person to lead the industry into the next era of programmable payments.”