Seven companies pitch virtually to cap off GIA’s 2020 cohort

The culmination of the Global Insurance Accelerator and its 100 day program came Wednesday afternoon as the seven companies in the 2020 cohort presented to more than 350 people who attended the online event.

On March 16, day 63 of this year’s cohort, the GIA converted its 2020 cohort to a fully remote program. 

“We have many great mentors who give their time remotely so we were not new to Zoom when it became out core communication tool when the program went remote six weeks ago,” said Nicole Gunderson, Managing Director of GIA.

Here are the seven companies that pitched at last nights event:


DenScore is a software solution that leverages dental claims data and patient feedback to measure dentists’ clinical performance. Dental insurers use DenScore to help enrollees make better decisions, to build a stronger provider network and to offer new insight for actuaries and data analysts. DenScore reduces dental insurers’ claims spending and increases their revenue while providing added value to their customers.

Care Given

Caregiven provides a platform that gives caregivers the guidance they need to manage the final years of a loved-one’s life through an on-demand, private, and judgment-free mobile resource. As a digital engagement and support tool offered by life and health insurance companies and employee benefits providers, Caregiven ensures aging or ailing loved-ones benefit from a higher quality of life, reduced costs, and peace of mind navigating the last stages of their end-of-life journey.


Kiwi empowers people to live fulfilling lives by leveraging social media analytics to provide lifestyle-centric insurance. Based in New York, Kiwi is an insurtech startup that offers risk scoring and product distribution of episodic on demand insurance with an initial use case that covers out-of pocket medical expenses.

Summary Medical

Summary Medical, enables insurance companies to automatically review medical records with software that uses optical character recognition, natural language processing, and strong security and privacy controls. For life underwriters, this means faster and better decisions about applicants and policyholders with additional use cases in claims processing and insurance product development.


InsureVite helps insurers revolutionize their customer experience and engagement through messaging. InsureVite’s cloudbased Virtual Bot Assistant and Process Automation hybrid solution enables time-starved millennial customers to buy, claim and check their insurance coverage instantly any time, anywhere, via any messaging apps they prefer.


UDoTest is a B2B, HIPAA secure, cloudbased software system providing home laboratory testing with physician oversight. The system provides a member portal, customized “Health Box” for specimen collection, secure video for identification purposes with a backend portal for the insurance company’s data/video retrieval and physician oversight. The system shortens the underwriting process, improves health and life member engagement while at the same time reducing costs and risks through disease state detection.

Gerald Technologies

Gerald provides a life events engagement and cross-sell platform to insurance providers. Gerald’s platform enables insurance providers to retain and cross-sell to their existing policyholders by automating engagement, with the right product, and at the right time – when a life event occurs. Gerald alerts insurance companies on events such as marriage, birth, death, mortgage, auto loans, home listing/sale etc.


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