Iowa-based website is connecting people with needed face masks

An Iowa tech company has created and launched a website designed to help connect the nation with face masks they need during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The website — called “Mask Helpers” — was created by several team members of Des Moines-based company Rocket Referrals and is connecting people in need of non-medical grade, reusable masks with those who are making them. Anyone around the country can visit the website to request a mask, volunteer to make masks, or offer to distribute them.

“Instead of making masks, which is not necessarily our expertise, we made software that can connect people that are making masks with those with those who need them,” said Torey Maerz, CEO of Rocket Referrals.” “Because what we do is make software that connects people together. We have a relationship-building software, so we thought let’s take what we know and apply it.”

Since launching last week, the site has already received more than 1,500 requests come in but they need more mask makers in order for it to work, Maerz told Clay & Milk.

The website also has a section that allows people to donate the materials need for mask making.

“Together we have all the resources needed to make this happen. It’s just pulling everybody together and coordinating it that is the trick,” said Maerz. “If everybody made just five masks, it’d be enough to protect everybody. Its large numbers of people making a few masks rather than relying on a large organization to pump out millions.”

If you think you can help in any way, reach out by visiting

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