TapOnIt is donating up to $4 Million in advertising to restaurants affect by COVID-19

TapOnIt, a mobile advertising platform based in Davenport, has announced that it is offering $4 million in free advertising to local businesses across the country that have been affected by COVID-19.

Founded by sisters Katie Castillo-Wilson and Sara Castillo in 2015, TapOnIt’s goal has been to help drive sales for local businesses while also saving people money.

“Small businesses need assistance and we are going to help them by marketing their products and services for free. Let’s help them through this extremely challenging time so people have jobs to go back to”, said Castillo-Wilson, “People need to save money and businesses need to thrive. We do both of those things the best.”

In the first two days of the initiative, more than $100,000 in ads have been given away. 

“Shopping local is such an important part of our economy and local businesses are what make our communities unique,” said Castillo-Wilson, “Local businesses employ over 40% of the workforce across the US. I know that I don’t want to live in a city that doesn’t have its own local flavor.”  

TapOnIt now operates in 40 markets across 17 states, and reaches hundreds of thousands of consumers. 

“We are really proud of how many businesses we’ve worked with and the people we’ve helped save money. We know that people use TapOnIt to help decide where they want to go and to find new things,” said Castillo. 

Local restaurants and retail shops can contact the TapOnIt team by going to taponitdeals.com/4Million4Local and filling out the form.  Consumers can sign up to receive money saving offers by going to taponitdeals.com.  

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