NAWBO Iowa launches Business Institute for women

NAWBO Iowa, a Des Moines-based organization devoted to women business owners, is launching a new Business Institute this summer.

The NAWBO Iowa Business Institute is a 7-month program designed for women business owners who own an established business but have not yet reached $1 million in revenue. The Business Institute will focus on business growth by enhancing business skills, building like-minded connections, and receiving education through engagement. 

Tamara Kenworthy, President and Founder of On Point Strategies, is the Co-Director of the Institute along with Donna Miller.

“It’s really about empowering business growth,” said Kenworthy. “It’s not a leadership institute. It’s totally different programming and curriculum. This is an actual focus on a business with the ultimate goal being to empower the participants in the program to create and expand their business plan.”

All classes will meet in-person in the Des Moines area on the second Tuesday of each month, starting next month until January 2021.

“We’re focusing this program on what we’re calling the ‘missing middle.’ So many programs out there today are focused people just starting their business or on larger companies,” said Kenworthy. “There are studies that show there is really a big gap in programming for these types of businesses and that’s what a lot of our businesses are. They fall into that missing middle.”

The institute plans on accepting 10 to 12 businesses per cohort and holding the program annually, Kenworthy told Clay & Milk.

“This first year, NAWBO Iowa is subsidizing the rate because of COVID-19,” said Kenworthy. “We also think that, and know from talking to people, that this type of programming is something people still want right now.”

The application deadline for the program is June 30.