Iowa AgriTech Accelerator announces four startups for 2020 cohort

The Iowa AgriTech Accelerator has announced the five agtech startups selected for the program’s class of 2020.

Based in Des Moines, the accelerator is a mentor-led program that focuses on ag-based technology innovations. This year’s class is the fourth to go through the 100-day program.

Two Ames-based companies — N-Sense and Curiosity Labs — made this year’s cohort.

The program will start on July 8 and conclude on Oct. 16. The four startups participating in the program will $40,000 in seed funding, mentoring, field trips to investor and mentor companies, outreach, networking and multiple presentation opportunities.

“We are very excited to help position Iowa, the Midwest and the world to work towards the improvements farms will find most beneficial,” said Nadilia Gomez, Executive Director of the Accelerator.

Here is a quick look at the four startups participating in this year’s Iowa AgriTech Accelerator:

N-Sense (Ames, IA)

N-Sense’s vision is to develop and test real-time, on-the-go soil nitrate sensor technology for crop producers who want to determine the exact rates of nitrogen fertilization for sustainable, cost-effective, and environmentally-sound nitrogen management

Digital Spring (San Diego, CA)

Digital Spring brings advanced remote sensing technology capable of increasing farm profit 10-40%. Its system is designed to be installed on aircraft currently used for crop fertilization (increasing utilization, reducing the cost of deployment & allowing global system deployment).

SenseGrass (Paris, France)

SenseGrass offers 360 farming solutions based on cutting edge technology like Nano-Satellite Mapping, Rover Bots and AI-based mobile & web application that makes farming super-efficient & easy

Curiosity Labs (Ames, IA)

Curiosity Labs specializes in developing completely automated microscopes that rely heavily on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our focus is on decreasing the cost of parasite detection in farmable soil and collecting data for Ag biotech or seed development companies.