Iowa Energy Center board awards $2.7 million in energy grants

The Iowa Energy Center (IEC) has awarded $2,721,102 in grants to 11 energy projects across Iowa.

These funds enable eligible applicants to pursue projects that align with one of the seven key focus areas of the Iowa Energy Plan.

Some of the projects that received funding included an Iowa Energy Curriculum for Secondary Classrooms at UNI and a Workforce Development Program for rural Iowa communities.

“Iowa is the proud home to a robust and diverse mix of energy resources, advantages and talented professionals,” said Debi Durham, director of IEDA and the Iowa Finance Authority in an announcement. “The varied projects funded today are a great example of Iowa further investing to advance our energy economy.”

The IEC received 65 pre-applications, totaling more than $18 million in funding requests. Twenty-two projects, requesting nearly $6 million, completed a full application.

Here are the 11 projects that received funding:

OrganizationProject NameAward
University of Northern IowaIowa Rural Energy Planning$395,680
Iowa State UniversityPaired Electrolyzer for Conversion of Crude Glycerin and Waste CO2$156,000
University of Northern IowaDeveloping an Iowa Energy Curriculum for Secondary Classrooms$418,696
Iowa State UniversityLow-cost Biobased Composite Material for Ultradurable and Recyclable Wind Turbine Blades$450,436
Iowa State UniversityAn Origami Structural Design for Natural Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation$266,720
The Energy GroupIowa Rural Healthcare Micro-Grid Feasibility Analysis$69,000
Energy Association of Iowa SchoolsGrow Energy Workforce Development Program for Rural Iowa Communities$190,000
Iowa State UniversityStoring Excess Solar/Wind Electricity as Biorenewable Fuels by Electrocatalytic Biomass Conversion$239,227
Iowa State UniversityPredicting Battery Lifetime with Early-Life Data for Grid Applications$280,070
Iowa State UniversityImprove Battery Energy Efficiency Via Structural Design and 3D Printing for Electric Vehicles$244,698
Building Enclosure Council of IowaBuilding Enclosure Council of Iowa Education Program$10,575