DeltaV launches new curriculum focused on computer operations, receives $100k grant from Future Ready Iowa

DeltaV, a Cedar Rapids-based coding and digital marketing school, has launched new curriculum and a program that features fully-paid tuition costs, thanks to a $100,000 grant from the Future Ready Iowa Employer Innovation Fund.  

The new one-week Ops 102 class, Intro to Computer Operations, kicks off in November and is offered fully online. The follow up Ops 201 class, Foundations of Computer Operations, is a four-week course that will prepare students for a career as a User Support/Help Desk Technician.

Funding from Future Ready Iowa will cover tuition for up to 10 qualifying students to take the Ops 102 and 201 courses, and additional funding for five of those students to take the additional four-week Ops 301 course covering Network and Systems Administration.

After completion of the initial five-week program, students will be ready to begin a career in IT as a Computer User Support Specialist, an in-demand position at many employers across Iowa. The full nine-week program, meanwhile, will fully prepare students to be Network and Systems Administrators.

This curriculum teaches students to support technology operations for employers by resolving issues with hardware, software, and virtual or cloud systems. Students will deploy and troubleshoot Windows and Linux operating systems in various virtual and cloud environments. Key skills such as customer service, knowledge and process documentation, performance monitoring, system process management, issue handling, recovery tools, and software application installation, maintenance, and removal will be practiced.

“People who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic are looking for new opportunities, and with the right training, there are high-demand careers currently available to them right here in Iowa,” said Aaron Horn, Chief Operating Officer for NewBoCo, in an announcement. “But if you’re unemployed, you can’t exactly spend the money to get that training. So these awards help to make it possible.”

The tuition awards are available only to people who live in Iowa, though the virtual nature of the classes means that they can be taken from anywhere in the state.

In the tech sector, Iowa is facing a workforce shortage due to the lack of available applicants with the necessary skills. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Iowans are facing furloughed or eliminated job positions and uncertain career futures. Now more than ever, DeltaV is positioned to make a huge impact in our state by continuing its focus on retraining Iowans for careers in software, digital marketing, and now user support and network and systems administration. 

Classes will continue to be held virtually for the remainder of 2020. Once permitted, students will have the option to attend in person, but students that wish to finish online will be able to do so.

Those interested can view the upcoming schedule and apply at