TAI Announces 2021 Legislative Priorities, TechPAC

The Technology Association of Iowa (TAI) has released its 2021 Public Policy priorities and has announced TechPAC, a new political action committee that will support candidates who advocate for the state’s technology industry.

TechPAC will allow TAI members to combine their financial resources to support Iowa General Assembly candidates and candidates for statewide office who champion technology-based, pro-innovation, business-focused policy. TechPAC will contribute to Democrat and Republican candidates who have demonstrated support of TAI’s legislative initiatives.

Here are TAI’s legislative initiatives and priorities for 2021.

TAI’S 2021 Legislative Initiatives:

  • Advance policies that attract human and financial capital to Iowa.
  • Elevate Iowa (rural and urban) as the premier state for technology workforce.
  • Promote policies that foster a culture of diversity and inclusion.
  • Ensure Iowa’s K-12 technology curriculum is the best in the nation.

TAI’s 2021 Legislative Priorities:

  • Broadband Access: Facilitate the deployment of broadband access to all Iowans across the state.
  • Education Access: Support programs, such as Future Ready Iowa, that connect Iowans to the training and education required for good-paying jobs and careers to improve people’s lives.
  • IEDA Funding: The Iowa Economic Development Authority provides various forms of funding to Iowa businesses, communities, and individuals to instill growth and success within the state.
  • Innovation Tax Credits & Angel Investor Tax Credits: Promote availability and equity of IEDA Tax Credits. The Innovation Fund Tax Credit empowers Iowa businesses with venture capital investments; Angel Investor Tax Credits increase the availability and accessibility of venture capital for Iowa startup companies.