ISU Startup Factory announces its tenth cohort

The Iowa State University Startup Factory announced this month its tenth cohort of entrepreneurs entering the Iowa State-based program.

The following are the names of the nine participating startups in the tenth cohort.

Frugi Biotechnology

Founded by Jared Dopp, Frugi Biotechnology is a paper-based diagnostic that uses synthetic biology to detect pathogens.

MacroLei Technologies

Founded by Nacu Hernandez, Baker Kuehl, and Austin Hohmann, MacroLei Technologies was established in 2020 to commercialize the use of soybean oil-based thermoplastic elastomers as a cost- and performance-advantaged additive for asphalt-containing products.

Lineage Mapper

Founded by Allison Hockey, Lineage Mapper is bringing genealogy into the 21st century with innovative ancestral mapping platforms.


Founded by Nataniel Kallmyre, Zymosense develops probes for high-throughput enzyme measurements that allow the rapid discovery and design of new enzymes.

Mosquitos & Me

Founded by Dr. Katherine Richardson Bruna, Mosquitos & Me is a story-driven, discovery-oriented, kid-based STEAM curriculum that facilitates place-based inquiry and community science practices and promotes understanding of and engagement with the intersection of human, animal, and environmental health.

Rosenberg Solutions

Founded by Aaron Rosenberg, Rosenberg Solutions is developing a next-generation active wake controller that will enable wind farm operators to increase the lifetime value of their wind farms.

Stratified Surface Solutions

Founded by Dr. Shan Jiang, Yifan Li, and Rebecca Mort, Stratified Surface Solutions offers novel technology to design coating materials and create surfaces with better performance and new functionality.

Nistron, LLC.

Founded by Neda Sanatkaran, Nistron LLC. offers cell encapsulated 3D microfiber scaffolds as in vitro tissue models with high physiological relevancy for cell therapy and drug discovery research.

Ruben Aria

Ruben Aria aims to promote a convenient healthy eating approach by introducing a product that innovates the way lettuce wraps are made.

Other ISU Startup Factory News

  • Hannah Kirkendall joined the Startup Factory in May as a program manager to help lead the ISU Startup Factory and G2M (Go To Market) Accelerator. Previously, Kirkendall was the Lead Operations Associate with Techstars Iowa.
  • The Startup Factory will be holding two info sessions about the program next week—one on June 30 and one on July 1.

The descriptions of the companies listed above have been provided by ISU Startup Factory.