Iowa G2M Accelerator holding Pitch Day on Oct. 5

The Iowa G2M Accelerator will conclude its inaugural program with a public Pitch Day on October 5 from 3:00-5:30 pm. 

The Iowa G2M Accelerator is designed as a “second stage” program for high tech research-driven  Iowa startups developing innovative products or services. The accelerator is part of a $1.29 million program funded by the US Economic Development Administration as part of a Build-To-Scale grant to Bioconnect Iowa (previously Iowa Innovation Corp), in partnership with Iowa State University Startup Factory and VentureNet Iowa. 

Iowa Economic Development Authority Director Debi Durham, will lead off the event providing her perspective on the recent evolution and growth of Iowa’s startup ecosystem, the G2M Accelerator’s niche in that ecosystem and the future evolution and importance of a vibrant startup ecosystem to Iowa’s economic development.  

The five companies listed below have participated in the program and founders will present pitches targeting potential investors,  strategic partners or customers during this event. Each presentation will be followed by a 10 min. Q&A.  

The following companies will be presenting: 

  • CartilaGen is developing a medical technology, exclusively licensed from the University of  Iowa, for the prevention of post-traumatic osteoarthritis. 
  • Classroom Clinic is developing a telehealth platform and provider network to provide students in rural school districts with improved mental health services.
  • FBB Biomed is creating blood and saliva tests to predict critical health outcomes.
  • Mazen Animal Health is developing orally delivered animal vaccines produced in corn.
  • Eitri Automation (formerly Sushi 3D) is developing a service platform for rapid and cost-effective design, production, and delivery of machined 3D prototype parts. 

This event is free and will be held virtually. Registration is required. 

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