Middle Bit: EntreFEST scheduled for June 2022 in Iowa City

EntreFEST will return next year on June 9 and 10.  The two-day conference is designed to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, with professionals at every level coming together to share ideas. 

Next year’s conference will take place in Iowa City rather than in Cedar Rapids.

Those interested in speaking at EntreFEST 2022 can fill out an application. Submissions will be accepted through December 20.

Kiva Iowa announces its second borrower

Kiva Iowa announced this week the second borrower looking to raise money on its platform.

Tene Williams is the owner of Luxury LaVie Hairtique and Beauty Bar in Sioux City. Services include extensions, wigs, and wig installations, as well as the care and treatment of ethnic hair. Williams also operates an e-commerce site to give clients additional options.

Williams’ goal is to raise $6,500, which will allow her to expand her space as well and provide a workspace for different licensed professionals. This loan will also help her with hiring, inventory expansion, and the purchasing of new equipment. SO far she has raised 10% of her goal.

Click here to learn more about her business or to become a lender.

BrokerTech Ventures announces new partnership and adds UNICO Group as Broker Partner

BrokerTech Ventures announced yesterday that it will be counseling and guiding the LATAM (Latin American) Accelerator.

“This new relationship with Latin America allows BTV to continue to explore how our accelerator model resonates with the insurance community outside of the United States,” said Dan Keough, Holmes Murphy Chairman and CEO and co-CEO of BTV. “Additionally, it gives us a lens into the world of insurtech in Latin America and will only help BTV and our partners advance innovation for the benefit of the insurance industry across the globe.”

The LATAM Accelerator will be formed and led by Pablo Duarte and Hilario Itriago, co-founders of Insurt3ch and NetBrokrs. “We could not be happier and more motivated to bring BTV to LATAM,” said Itriago. “A rich history of brokerage exists in all our countries across the region, and at this crucial time in our industry’s transformation, it is more important than ever to bring broker-centric innovation and investment. We are to be the firsts in Latin America with this approach, and in doing so, we hope to spark great participation in BTV LATAM.”

BTV has also announced the addition of its newest broker partner UNICO Group.  

“Our BTV network continues to increase in expansion across the country, allowing us to be the first to stake our position in cultivating, curating, and fostering innovation for brokers,” said Keough. “UNICO Group is a well-respected brokerage with a commitment to innovation and thought leadership, and we’re excited to have their cutting-edge ideas at the table.”