Tennis Line Call App wins first place at YEC Pitch Competition

Young people from all around the state gathered at ISU’s new Student Innovation Center on Saturday for the fifth annual Young Entrepreneur Convention.

The all-day event included presentations and talks from successful entrepreneurs and founders from around the state. The convention also featured a pitch competition, in which participants were given 90 seconds to pitch their business to a panel of judges. From the total pool of participants, three finalists were selected to give their pitches a second time, but in front of the convention audience.

Each of the three finalists received a cash prize and trophy. The first place cash prize was $3,000, with $2,000 for second place and $1,000 for third place. Each finalist also received an IP package from Zarlan Law Firm.

Julien Duhautois took home the first-place prize for Tennis Line Call App, a mobile app that turns tennis players’ phones into an impartial Artificial Intelligence referee. The app works with each player setting up their phones on tripods, with each phone facing a different side of the court. When a questionable bounce takes place, players can use their Apple Watch or raise their arms straight above their head for 3 seconds to trigger a challenge. The flash and sound on the phone will then indicate whether the ball was in or out. 

In second place was Holly Bennett, a graduate from the University of Iowa who is developing agricultural sprayers that reduce waste by only targeting the necessary plants. Jay Amin, an Iowa State graduate, won third place for pitching an app that streamlines ways to keep track of personal health.

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