Nebullam partners with Omni Analytics Group, plans to launch its next farm in Des Moines next year

Nebullam, an emerging indoor farming company based in Ames, is partnering with Omni Analytics Group (OAG) ahead of its upcoming launch of additional Nebullam Farms throughout the U.S.  

Nebullam was founded in 2017, with a focus on improving indoor farming technologies. Today, Nebullam owns and operates its flagship indoor farm and corporate headquarters within the Iowa State University Research Park.  The company offers fresh produce subscriptions with weekly and every-other-week delivery available to Central Iowa residents, year-round.  

“We’re preparing to launch our next Nebullam Farm in Iowa in early 2022. To scale into more locations efficiently,  we need to make every decision a data-driven decision. That’s where OAG is a perfect fit, as their insights are well-positioned to help our long-term growth, said Nebullam Co-Founder and CEO, Clayton Mooney in a statement. “With an earlier project, the OAG team was able to drastically reduce our cost of acquiring new customers. Now we’re working with the team on production and customer behavior models. That’s why we’re announcing today that OAG is  joining Nebullam as our Chief Data Officer, as well as an investor.”

The company plans to launch its second farm in Des Moines in Q1 of next year, Mooney told Clay & Milk. “We’ve had continued demand in Des Moines, so we’ll be launching our next Nebullam Farm there in Q1 2022. We’re looking at locations now, across and throughout the city. We’re also looking to pilot in Eastern Iowa within the next 90 days, to gauge interest and demand. Our Nebullam Farm in Ames will likely supply that pilot project, as we’d still be able to offer same-day harvest and delivery.”

Nebullam’s subscriber base for its flagship farm in Ames has grown by 330% year-to-date. Its current product offerings include red butterhead lettuce, microgreen varieties such as broccoli sprouts and micro radish, and tomato varieties. Future offerings include spinach, kale, and arugula. Nebullam has delivered more than 7,500 pounds of produce to date while eliminating 13.5 million food miles.  

“Nebullam’s team is building for the long-term. They’ll have hundreds of locations, serving fresh food directly to consumers all year long. When we first started working with the Nebullam team on strategies with their existing data, we realized their advantage in being vertically integrated and owning the supply chain—from seedling to delivery. We analyzed the data on their production and marketing, which allowed us to instantly help in reducing costs in the day-to-day and through acquiring customers, said Omni Analytics Group Founder, Dr. Lawrence  Mosley. “By joining the Nebullam team as Chief Data Officer, we’ll help them scale efficiently. By joining as an investor, we’re helping them scale faster.”

OAG is a global data science firm, focused on helping organizations and companies to make better decisions while changing the world. Founded in 2014, OAG specializes in data strategy, algorithm design, statistical analysis, and analytics training.

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