A list of Midwest VCs

Looking to raise venture funds in the Midwest and trying to figure out who to talk to? Below is a list of funds I believe to be active as of the time of this posting.

Sometimes a really hard starting point is just finding out who to talk to. Finding these guys is harder than it should be, but once you do, you just need to maintain a list.

For the most part, these are funds that are not located on the East or West Coast. There may be some exceptions if a fund is clearly active in the Midwest.

A few items worth mentioning:

  • I intentionally left out Angel groups.
  • I intentionally left out funds without websites.
  • The fund size can sometimes be nebulous. Feedback is welcome.
  • This does not include every East and West Coast fund active in the Midwest.
Fund Name Location Fund Size
AAVIN Private Equity Cedar Rapids, IA $80M+
Access Venture Partners Denver, CO ~
Adams Street Partners Chicago, IL $1B+
Advantage Capital Partners St. Louis, MO ~
Allos Ventures Fishers, IN ~
APEX Ventures Chicago, IL $100M+
Arboretum Ventures Cleveland, OH $200M+
Arch Venture Partners Chicago, IL ~
Arther Ventures Fargo, ND ~
Ascension Health Ventures St. Louis, MO $500M+
Ascent Venture Partners Boston, MA $50M+
Baird Capital Partners Chicago, IL ~
Beringea Farmington Hills, MI ~
Blossom Street Ventures Dallas, TX ~
Bluestem Capital Sioux Falls, SD ~
Blue Chip Venture Company Cincinnati, OH $500M
Boulder Ventures Boulder, CO ~
C3 Capital Kansas City, MO $400M+
Centennial Ventures Denver, CO $1B
Chicago Ventures Chicago, IL ~
Chrysalis Louisville, KY ~
CMA Ventures Des Moines, IA ~
CME Ventures Chicago, IL ~
Cultivation Capital St. Louis, MO
Detroit Venture Partners Detroit, MI ~
Drive Capital Columbus, OH $250M+
DRW Chicago, IL ~
Dundee Ventures Omaha, NE $15M+
Early Stage Partners Cleveland, OH $100M
Edison Ventures Cleveland, OH $250M+
Farm Bureau Des Moines, IA ~
FireBrand VC Kansas City, MO ~
FireStarter Fund Chicago, IL ~
First Analysis Chicago, IL ~
Five Elms Prairie Village, KC ~
Flyover Capital Kansas City, MO $100M+
Foundry Group Boulder, CO $500M+
Frontier Charlotte, NC ~
Greenmont Capital Boulder, CO ~
Grotech Ventures Denver, CO ~
High Alpha Indianapolis, IN 20M+
High Country Venture Boulder, CO ~
Hyde Park Venture Partners Chicago, IL ~
JK&B Capital Chicago, IL ~
Jump Capital Chicago, IL ~
KDWC Kansas City, MO ~
Lacuna Capital Boulder, CO ~
Lewis & Clark St. Louis, MO $100M+
Light Bank Chicago, IL $100M+
Ludlow Ventures Detroit, MI ~
ManchesterStory Group Des Moines, IA $31M
Mercury Fund Houston, TX $200M+
Midwest Growth Partners Des Moines, IA $40M+
Mosaix Ventures Chicago, IL ~
Motorola Schaumburg, IL ~
MPM Capital Kansas City, MO $1B+
New Capital Fund LIttle Chute, WI $40M+
Next Level Ventures Des Moines, IA $40M
Noro-Moseley Partners Atlanta, GA ~
OCA Ventures Chicago, IL $100M+
Open Air Equity Partners Kansas City, MO ~
Open Prairie Ventures St. Louis, MO $100M+
Origin Ventures Chicago, IL ~
Prairie Crest Capital Des Moines, IA ~
Prolog Ventures St. Louis, MO ~
Rev1 Columbus, OH $20M+
River Cities Capital Funds Cincinnati, OH $100M+
RiverVest Partners St. Louis, MO $200M+
Rockport Capital Boston, MA ~
Sequel Venture Partners Boulder, CO ~
Spectrum Equity Boston, MA $4B+
SSM Partners Memphis, TN ~
Sunbridge Partners Beachwood, OH ~
Venture Investors Madison, WI $200M
Vista Ventures Boulder, CO ~

There are more that I know I’m missing.

If you have recommendations on funds I missed, please post them in the comments and I’ll add them. You can also contact me on Twitter with the addition.

Please also feel free to reach out with corrections in the comments as well. This list will need to evolve over time.

Ben Milne is a co-founder of Clay & Milk and the founder of Dwolla, a technology company in Des Moines.