An Interim Introduction

Clay & Milk is currently seeking an editor to be based in Des Moines, Iowa.

In the meantime, let me introduce myself.*

The advertising and artistic communities know me as Jami Milne. The tech and startup communities know me as Ben’s wife. Welcome to my worlds.

Clay & Milk is looking for someone who can tell the story of the entrepreneurial community in Iowa and the broader Midwest with accuracy and insight. He or she should be able to write about and for the Midwest’s entrepreneurs, artists, investors and broader innovation community, but in a way that grows outside readership and interest.

Until Clay & Milk finds this he or she, you’ve got me.

I can and will tell the story of the entrepreneurial community but the accuracy and insight may come with my angle. I am not a journalist. But I am a writer, the wife of an entrepreneur, the mother of two, an artist, photographer, daughter and a strategist. The stories I seek to tell won’t be told with this slant but they will be discovered with this perspective.

If you have a startup story to tell, we are interested. But we’ll ask more than what you’ve put in your press release. We’ll ask about what makes you, you. Because that’s the only thing that’s your story. That’s a success story. And we want to help tell that.

If you’re an entrepreneur, we are interested. Because we believe in you. You are the backbone of our business development economy. The brave vertebrae that help to hold our collective heads high. We’d like more than a Q&A. We’d like quality time. Over that craft beer you’re all raving about.

If you’re an investor, we’re invested in you. We’re thankful for your readership, your loyalty, your investment.

We’re as interested in your vision for Clay & Milk and innovation coverage as we are your experience. Please send a brief cover letter, a resume and links to up to five examples of your past reporting or writing work to Geoff Wood at

In the meantime, you can reach Jami Milne, the interim managing editor of Clay & Milk at