Entrefest 2017

Clay & Milk attended EntreFest 2017 in Iowa City this week to find a sea of interesting people and experiences. Our goal this year was not to attend to cover the speakers, which were fantastic, but to connect with the community.

One of the overarching goals for the Clay & Milk team is to connect communities across the state and region. We believe strongly that the number of things happening and the stories of those contributing, would surprise anyone who isn’t from the middle.

As our region grows, we remain somewhat disconnected by a small numbers of miles, a lack of awareness of each other or perhaps what each of us cares about. This series is designed to capture the spirit behind the attendees of EntreFest 2017. It is our sincere hope that these small snapshots will lead to a greater sense of connectivity among our many communities.

We’re thankful for the NewBoCo team who kept EntreFest alive and for the community that’s helped it thrive.

This series was produced by Jami Milne.