ESHIP Summit 2017: The makers, the doers, the dreamers.

Clay & Milk was honored to attend the inaugural ESHIP Summit put on by the Kauffman Foundation this past week. Upon arrival, each attendee was given a handbook and something that stuck with me was the following excerpt:

“We pledge to pursue this vision together — to ensure that the makers, the doers, and the dreamers from all demographics of society have the opportunity to change their circumstances and to have a positive influence on themselves and the world.” – The ecosystem builders’ Declaration of Interdependence.

Our contribution to this vision is to help connect one another so that stories are easier to tell, to discover, and people can better build their future wherever that may be.

We believe progress begins with truly knowing one another and to that point, we focused our time at ESHIP on capturing the unique and beautiful personalities in attendance. We discovered some amazing people and are hopeful that in this body of work, you will too.

A special thank you to the Kauffman Foundation and especially Andy Stoll for being open to our unique perspective on connecting communities. We’re all grateful for your support of new ideas and of this community.

Photo credit: Jami Milne