Connecting Communities: Our first Art & Tech event July 7

We wanted our first event to reflect what this website was created to do: Amplify the stories from the startup, tech and arts communities.

So on Friday, July 7 our first is called Cocktails & Critiques and it’s at Olson-Larsen Galleries highlighting the paintings of Christopher Chiavetta.

A happy hour starts the event at 4:30 with speakers beginning at 5:30 to provide instructions on how to engage with the art and share information about the importance of these two communities.

“The shared feeling, impact, and risk of creating something from nothing is almost identical if you’re creating art or new technology” Ben Milne, co-founder of Clay & Milk, said. “We’re at a point with the publication where we get to share both stories that run the risk of never being told. That’s why we are here. You ship, we’ll tell your story.”

Although completely optional, the event asks for audience participation by sharing a review of the artwork before, during or after the event. Several have already been submitted and will be posted later this week to use as examples.

The intention of this first event is that everyone should feel welcome to come in, grab a drink and hang out in the company of great people and great art.

Please join us for Cocktails & Critiques.