Wood: Iowa Startup Power Rankings for April

It’s the last day of the month so I’m squeezing these in just under the wire. I know, I know—but it’s been a busy month.

If last month’s sports-style metaphor opportunity was to present the March rankings in the form of a tournament bracket (which I didn’t think far enough ahead to do) then this month’s sports-style metaphor opportunity is to set them up like the NFL draft (yep, didn’t think far enough ahead to do that, either).

I’m not sure what the right sports-style metaphor is for May but if we can find one, I’m committed to trying it out! Feel free to leave a suggestion below and (fingers crossed) I’ll get the chance to implement it. #SportsStyleMetaphor

Before we start, a quick reminder of the rules:

  1. The Power Rankings are completely subjective and don’t actually mean anything. I’m doing this for fun.
  2. I’m not picking winners. I want to see everyone succeed and this community grow. If you don’t agree with a particular pick or think I missed something, feel free to debate it in the comments.
  3. I’m pretty good at picking up startup news from across the state but I don’t catch everything. If your startup is doing something great this month, let me know about it.
  4. I’ll usually pick companies but I reserve the right to substitute in individuals, events, organizations, fun YouTube videos or anything else that makes sense to me at the time I’m putting them together.
  5. Standard “King of the Hill”-rules apply, you retain your ranking until someone unseats you.

This post recognizes the achievements of companies and related organizations within the orbit of the Iowa startup community in the month of March 2018.

April  Power Rankings

1) Rantizo (Iowa City)

This is Rantizo’s first appearance in the Iowa Startup Power Rankings

Rantizo is a precision drone spraying company that had a big month in March taking first place in the Ag Launch Accelerator pitch competition at the Farm & Gin Show in Memphis, Tenn. En route to their victory, the judges gave them the nod over several AgTech startups well known in the Iowa community including AgriSync, SwineTech and Iowa AgriTech Accelerator alumni HintechAg and Rabbit Tractors.

MORE: Rantizo: Precision drone spraying – April 11, 2018

2) PowerPollen (Ankeny)

This is PowerPollen’s first appearance in the Iowa Startup Power Rankings

Next up in the rankings this month is Ankeny’s PowerPollen, LLC, an AgTech company “develops technology to preserve and apply pollen”. PowerPollen took the number two spot this month in recognition of their award of a $300,000 loan from the Iowa Economic Development Authority’s “Iowa Innovation Acceleration Fund” on March 23. The funding is targeted for use in refining their product and continued development on their IP.

MORE: PowerPollen: An AgTech startup turning a problem into a solution – Jan. 22, 2018

3) Orchestrate, LLC (West Des Moines)

This is Orchestrate’s first appearance in the Iowa Startup Power Rankings

Orchestrate, the developers of workflow automation tools for the Salesforce platform, was acquired on March 26 by Colorado-based Conga. Congratulations to the team on their exit (terms not disclosed) and their third-place ranking this month.

MORE: Orchestrate: What went into its acquisition by Conga – April 18, 2018

4) Actworthy (Iowa City), Kho Labs (Des Moines) and Cedar Rapids Marketplace (Cedar Rapids)

This is Actworthy, Kho Labs and Cedar Rapids Marketplace’s first appearance in the Iowa Startup Power Rankings

Here’s a first: we have a three-way tie for fourth place! The three companies were all accepted into their most recent cohort at the Iowa Startup Accelerator in Cedar Rapids this month (along with Chicago-based Codemoji) which means a $20,000 investment form ISA’s fund and a new 12-month adventure in growing their companies. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these three show up again in future Power Rankings.

MORE: Iowa Startup Accelerator announces Spring 2018 cohort – March 20, 2018

5) 1 Million Cups — Des Moines (Des Moines)

This is 1 Million Cups — Des Moines’ first appearance in the Iowa Startup Power Rankings

1 Million Cups rounds out the rankings this month in recognition of their speaker on March 14: Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds. She didn’t dive in on any of the issues that the community submitted beforehand (while disappointing, that’s what I expected in this type of format in an election year) but she did make the effort to be there and shared the positive side of what’s building in with our entrepreneurial community. That’s more than enough to earn 1MC the final spot this month—good work 1MC organizing team.

MORE: 1 Million Cups: Talking entrepreneurship with Gov. Reynolds – March 14, 2018

Geoff Wood is a co-founder of Clay & Milk and founder of Gravitate, a coworking community and entrepreneurial support organization in Des Moines. He’s been telling the story of the Iowa startup community since 2009.

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