Tractor Zoom receives $25,000 investment from Ag Startup Engine

Ag Startup Engine has made an initial investment of $25,000 in Des Moines based agricultural technology startup Tractor Zoom. Tractor Zoom is an online marketplace that connects farm equipment auctioneers and buyers.

“Tractor Zoom’s team and Kyle McMahon is exactly the type of early stage startup the Ag Startup Engine envisioned to support,” said Joel Harris, Co-Director of Ag Startup Engine. “They’ve established a gap in a large market and have positioned themselves to continually improved their platform as they scale and adopt more customers.”

Tractor Zoom joins six other Iowa-based startups Performance Livestock Analytics, Nebullam, Gross-Wen Technologies, Smart Ag, FarmlandFinder and automed in the portfolio of companies in the Ag Startup Engine Fund, making it the seventh startup Ag Startup Engine has invested in since they began in 2016.

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