Continuum Ag is offering soil health solutions at scale

For the last four years, Mitchell Hora has been developing a system that measures, calibrates and provides recommendations for best practices and products for soil health.

In the fall of 2015, Hora started Continuum Ag, a company the provides soil health consulting to farmers and agricultural companies, around the world, by quantifying and improving soil health. 

“No other platforms are really focused on soil health and actually being able to provide value to all the different stakeholders involved. That’s where we come in,” said Hora.

Today, Continuum Ag is up to a team of ten people and deploys its soil health focused program on farms across the country and has done work in eight different countries and over 40 states.

“We’ve really changed over the last four years,” said Hora. “Today, Continuum Ag is really more of a SAAS company. We’ve got an online analytics platform called TopSoil that we’re building right now.”

Continuum Ag’s TopSoil platform works by connecting with leading labs and tech companies, and then providing recommendations for making agronomic decisions for farmers and their farm advisors.

“The question for us is, ‘How do we actually quantify soil health and provide actionable analytics that will help farmers logistically and economically improve their operation?,'” said Hora. “We’ve been doing that direct with farmers but now are at a point where we’ll soon be able to do that a much larger scale.”

In addition to its platform, Continuum Ag has created a Top Soil Network, a global network of leading soil consultants, leading ag companies and farmers. Using this network Continuum Ag is able to expand upon our data analytics platforms.

“Now, we’re able to integrate with other consultants, ag input companies, supply chain companies to be able to help influence acres and provide a consistent soil health message,” said Hora.

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