Koloni partners with universities, distributes operations to students

Pocahontas-based Koloni is changing up how typical bike shares function by distributing some of its ownership and operations to partnering universities and students.

Once a university approves and orders a bike share through Koloni, students are then able to begin work on customizing their bike-sharing program. Business and Health majors can operate the bike share to gain insider experience. Marketing, Communication and Graphic Design majors can oversee the marketing and social media. Finance majors can use the data collected by our software to run analytics and inform Leisure, Youth & Human Services majors, who are constructing business planning for the bike share.

Students at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois deployed a Koloni bike share system in early 2019. The program was spearheaded by junior students who experienced the lack of transportation on campus first hand. Northwester now has 60 bikes deployed throughout its campus and students are riding over 250 times per day. Students can purchase a quarterly membership for just $30.

Cape Breton University also deployed a Koloni bike share program this fall, which is operated primarily by students. This bike share is offered for free by the university to all students and staff which grants them the independence to ride off campus and visit the nearby town.

By allowing partner universities to keep a majority of the transactional revenue, Koloni is able to work with universities and communities of all sizes.

In May, Koloni accepted into Launch Accelerator, a San Francisco-based accelerator that invests in early age startups.

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