RackHouse Whiskey Club shipping vodka hand sanitizer to its members

Craft whiskey subscription service RackHouse Whiskey Club has teamed up with two Washington-based distilleries to supply craft whiskey and hand sanitizer derived from vodka to its club members impacted by the coronavirus in 39 states.  

Solar Spirits Distillery has made the switch from making whiskey, vodka and gin to running its still to help in the fight against COVID-19. The 190-proof vodka is blended to World Health Organization standard 80% alcohol hand sanitizer. A bottle of sanitizer will be included in the next RackHouse Whiskey Club box.

“We began producing hand sanitizer because we wanted to do our part to ensure people in our community remain safe during this pandemic,” said Dr. Jim Batdorf, Head Distiller at Solar Spirits. “We’re proud to be able to extend that to RackHouse Whiskey Club members around the nation.” 

RackHouse Whiskey Club is a bi-monthly subscription box that features the stories and products of US craft distilleries. The next box, which ships April 10, features one of Seattle’s only grain-to-glass distilleries, 2bar Spirits, and will include both of their products — their Moonshine and their Bourbon.

“As one of the regions hardest hit by the coronavirus, we’re proud to be partnering with two Washington distilleries to highlight how this industry pulls together in a time of need,” said Dannie Strable, CEO of RackHouse Whiskey Club in an announcement. “We wanted to make sure our members remain safe so what better way to do that than by providing them with hand sanitizer made from vodka!”

Memberships to RackHouse Whiskey Club start at $89 every two months.

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