Koloni launches Smart Locker allowing contactless delivery

Pocahontas-based Koloni has officially launched its Smart Locker that can help reduce the COVID-19 contagion by eliminating human contact during deliveries.

The Smart Locker, which combines a physical, multi-compartment storage locker and software, gives delivery drivers the ability to pick up and deliver orders without any face-to-face interaction.

The technology makes it possible for small businesses to function safely during the pandemic as they begin to open back up with limited capacities.

In response to COVID-19, Koloni is waving all monthly software fees for their locker for 12 months to help businesses get back on their feet.

“Person-to-person contact is a major risk factor for the coronavirus, so in order for businesses to operate, they ideally need a contactless way to interact with customers,” said Kyle Sheker, Co-Founder of Koloni. “That’s the problem we solve with the Smart Locker.”

Koloni is now working with food delivery companies, restaurants, parcel companies, and others to help provide contactless delivery solutions through its Smart Locker. Drivers can quickly access multiple orders from a single locker via their smartphone.

In addition to reducing exposure by removing any face-to-face interaction, the Smart Locker also saves time on order pickup.

Koloni can provide a single locker or a bank of lockers that can work for any type of delivery. The software is flexible and scalable enough to handle a wide variety of customer interactions.

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