No Limbits launches Kickstarter campaign for its adaptive pants made for amputees

No Limbits, a clothing line designed specifically for amputees, has launched a Kickstarter Campaign looking to raise funds to make its first purchase order. The campaign currently runs through Tuesday, May 25, and will fund the company’s first large-scale production run. To fund the order, No Limbits is hoping to raise at least $12,000.¬†As of this morning, the company has raised over $11,000, more than 95% of its goal.

Those who participate can preorder No Limbits’ first product, a pair of jeans designed for amputees called the Amp Pant. The pants have hidden zippers on the inseam, making it easier to dress and undress and also make prosthetic adjustments throughout the day.

“Amputees often need to take off their prosthesis and add what they call a fitting sock. Before you’d have to go to the bathroom and take everything off to be able to do that and it’s just kind of a pain in the ass,” said Erica Cole, founder of No Limbits. “With the zipper, you can make all of those adjustments at your desk or wherever it is you are.”

The pants also have reinforced materials on the inside of the pant to protect the fabric from the carbon fiber parts of sockets that can wear through pants quickly.

“We have 3,100 units coming in July and we’ll have those out to everybody by August,” said Cole.

Over the last year, No Limbits has been accepted into multiple accelerator programs. Last year, the company participated in the Target Incubator Program and is currently part of the Halcyon Incubator in Washington, D.C.

“We’re trying to make connections with the VA and various organizations that represent people with disabilities and it’s been going really well,” said Cole. “We’ve made so much progress in just the last few months. The connections that have been coming out of this program have been insane.”

Watch the No Limbits Kickstarter video below.

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