Investments in Iowa companies

In 2018, Clay & Milk began tracking all of the known investments raised by Iowa companies on a quarterly basis. Since then, Iowa-based companies have raised more than $300 million.

Going forward, we will continue to compose similar lists of investments for every quarter to build a credible track record of capital raised throughout Iowa. Over time, we will add analysis to these posts, comparing past time periods and noting trends as they appear.

Below are the Iowa companies that have raised investment money since the start of 2018:

QuarterAmount Raised
Q1-Q3 2018$90,085,000
Q4 2018$14,513,000
Q1 2019$7,359,000
Q2 2019$14,914,000
Q3 2019$21,362,000
Q4 2019$7,770,000
Q1-Q3 2020$109,160,000
Q4 2020$45, 950,000
Q1 2021$30,975,000
Q2 2021$13,375,000
Q3 2021$64,763,475

These lists were made from a combination of SEC filings, Crunchbase and previous Clay & Milk stories from throughout the year. If you are aware of investments we may have missed, please post them in the comments or send us an email and we will be sure to add them.