Investing in Iowa: Q1-Q3 2018

The following is a list of all known investments raised by Iowa companies through the first three quarters of 2018. Going forward, we plan to compose a similar list of investments for every quarter to build a credible track record of capital raised throughout Iowa. Over time, we will add analysis to these posts, comparing past time periods and noting trends as they appear.

In total, Iowa-based companies raised just over $90 million in the first three quarters of 2018.

Here is a list of Iowa companies that have raised investment money so far this year.


Company Location Amount Raised Date
Corvida Medical Coralville $11,573,088 02-14-18
Dwolla Des Moines $12,000,000 02-15-18
IDx Coralville $7,970,000 03-30-18
Igor Des Moines $903,621 03-26-18
Kingland Companies Ames $860,000 02-20-18
LenderClose Des Moines $1,315,000 03-30-18
Rantizo Iowa City $75,000 03-28-18



Company Location Amount Raised Date
FarrPro Iowa City Undisclosed 06-29-18
Gross-Wen Technologies Ames $2,000,000 06-05-18
MakuSafe Des Moines $210,000 09-05-18
Smart Ag Ames $5,000,000 06-14-18
U.S. Design Consultants Osceola $40,000 06-05-18


Company Location Amount Raised Date
Automed Ames $25,000 07-10-18
BirdDogHR Urbandale Undisclosed 08-28-18
Denim Des Moines $775,000 07-31-18
Farmland Finder Ames Undisclosed 07-11-18
IDx Coralville $32,599,976 09-27-18
MakuSafe Des Moines $750,000 09-05-18
MedTek eCoin Cedar Falls $1,185,000 08-21-18
Pitchly Des Moines $10,000,000* 08-21-18
Tractor Zoom Des Moines $1,000,000 09-4-18
VictoryVR Davenport $780,000 07-24-18
Vida Diagnostics Coralville $1,050,000 07-11-18
* amount raised is an estimate based on SEC filings

This list was made from a combination of SEC filings, Crunchbase and previous Clay & Milk stories from throughout the year. If you are aware of investments we may have missed, please post them in the comments or send us an email and we will be sure to add them.